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It's Time To Take Your Game To The Next Level

Skill Build for Your Next Phase

Hard work and skills can get you far, but to get to the next level you need more. You need leadership skills.

This course will teach them to you. You'll learn how to avoid common management pitfalls,  and the actions required to take charge of your career and future.

This course includes the ultimate advice from my 20 years of learning and development work, thousands of workshop participants, and hundreds of coaching hours into 6 deep-diving modules.

The Next Level for Emerging Leaders™ will prepare you for advancement and future opportunities.

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Take Action = Move Forward

Providing clients with solid action plans, the course program gives you forward momentum.

Accountability = Upwards Mobility

Don't just make plans and set goals. The framework will keep you on track.

Confidence = Leadership

Helping emerging leaders be effective and achieve better business outcomes.

Dedicated to Elevating Emerging Leaders

Promina Advisors has spent the past 2 decades working with leaders and teams from a vast array of industries.

The goal at Promina Advisors is to positively change and have a lasting impact on the performance of a team, leader, or organization.


  • People, tools & processes
  • Team structure, alignment & goals
  • Workflows, responsibilities & measurements
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The course is new,
but the concepts and frameworks are proven and time-tested.

Here’s what The Next Level for Emerging Leaders™ provides:

First, you’ll gain insight.

There are likely a few skills you want to gain, but there may also be some leadership mis-steps you’ll want to avoid. I will share the best practices of what to do and what not to do as an emerging leader.

Second, you’ll get an action plan.

After all, what’s the point of taking a course that doesn’t provide clear actionable next steps to take?

Third, you’ll tell the world “Bring It On!”

After this course, you will possess the tools you need to confidently overcome not only the challenges you currently face, but also the most common obstacles you’ll encounter while leading for results.

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