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Simply being good at your job isn't enough, now is the time to develop skills and rise in your career.

Join other high-performing professionals to up your game and move forward to achieve your goals


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Take Action = Move Forward

Providing clients with solid action plans, the course program gives you forward momentum.

Accountability = Upwards Mobility

Don't just make plans and set goals. The framework will keep you on track.

Confidence = Leadership

Helping emerging leaders be effective and achieve better business outcomes.

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Dedicated to Elevating Emerging Leaders

Promina Advisors has spent the past 2 decades working with Executives from a vast array of industries.

The goal at Promina Advisors is to help change and have a lasting impact on the performance of a business, organization or team.


  • People, tools & processes
  • Team structure, alignment & goals
  • Workflows, responsibilities & measurements
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The Most Comprehensive Guide To Set Expectations For Roles & Results

Are you lacking team alignment?

Are you not effective or missing your target?

Are team members unclear about the what, the how, or the why?

This guide will help emerging leaders clarify expectations so they can LEAD EFFECTIVELY and ACHIEVE RESULTS.

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What got you here, isn't going to get you there

Next Level is where your sights are set. Whether you're looking to improve team performance, take advantage of the next promotion or are at a crossroads, you're unclear of your next step.

Working within your organization has grown your confidence with your responsibilities in marketing, accounting, technology, sales or whatever your speciality is. But now it is time to grow further. 

You've been a high performer, getting noticed by management and Human Resources. Managing a team of people, big projects or programs has helped hone your skills. Now it's time to rise. 

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Start by downloading the Team Expectations: The Ultimate Guide for Emerging Leaders

Decades of Change

Promina Advisors has over 20 years experience working with and developing emerging leaders, executives, and teams within Fortune 500 companies.

Experience translates to insight. This, coupled with a quenchless desire to further our own educational journey provides our clients with the most current and forward thinking career development tools and processes.

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Some Wait For Opportunity To Strike....
Others Create Their Own

We'd like to invite you to understand the advantage of working with Promina Advisors. Our gift to you is the culmination of working with leaders over the past 20 years to fine-tune the team environment

Team Expectations: The Ultimate Guide for Emerging Leaders.

We respect your privacy and never sell or share your information