Negotiating Without Conflict

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2018

Despite how it’s described by some, negotiation does not have to be combative. At its core, negotiation is simply an exercise in compromise (or even collaboration). Negotiation is a tool that is useful for navigating much of corporate life- salary, benefits, relationships, disagreements. Any charged or potentially contentious situation or conversation can benefit from the strategies included in the links below.

Take a cue from hostage negotiators and listen more. “At the least, everyone wants to feel heard, understood, and appreciated.As you listen, you gain the power of information and affiliation. The other side starts to trust you, and you start to understand what is motivating the other side to act. You are in a better place to influence.”

Values-based disputes can be diffused with dialogue.  “When we engage in values-based dialogue, we may not resolve our disagreements, yet we can strive to learn more about one another so that we can more easily live side by side.”

Negotiating with angry clients is critical for long-term success and reputation management. “The best way to make an angry customer even angrier is to neglect him. You need to pay attention and carefully listen to this client. Don’t interrupt and don’t talk until this bitter customer is finished. That’s the first step in the negotiation process.”

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