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Procrastination Busters

productivity Sep 19, 2022

So you're trying to get work done, but you keep getting sidetracked. You know you need to focus, but something keeps drawing your attention away from the task at hand. What's going on?

Well, it's possible that you're procrastinating. And before you roll your eyes and say "yeah, yeah, I know all about procrastination," hear me out. I'm not saying that you're lazy or that you don't want to do the work. I'm saying that there's a reason why you're avoiding it, and that reason has to do with your...

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A Blank Canvas

productivity Mar 21, 2022

A Blank Canvas

There are many sources to find advice about leadership. I know that I enjoy books, blogs, and podcasts that explore all the facets. The simplest definition of leadership is “the ability to inspire others to act.” To be a leader, there is a key aspect that, I believe, is important, but often overlooked. A Harvard Business School article underscores that the true leadership key “lies in the collective ’we,’ not the individual I.’” (1)


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Work/Life Balance: What time is it when you are you reading this article?

balance productivity Oct 04, 2019

We’ve been told we can have it all, but is that even possible? Can we excel in a career without sacrificing our personal lives and relationships? I think it is possible to achieve work/life balance, but you have to manage your expectations. There are seasons in your life when you can push forward in your career and other times when you need to focus on your personal life or family demands. Learning how to achieve this elusive balance is a journey. These articles offer a few suggestions...

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