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Tips for Learning to Love the Naysayers at Work

Gulliver's Travels was a cartoon that featured a character named Glum. Glum was always unhappy and enjoyed complaining. He was always grumpy and seldom had anything positive to say.

"It'll never work."

"Turn back, we'll never make it."

"It's hopeless."

"I told you it'll never work."

"We're doomed."

Every organization has (at least) one Glum.

You know who I mean -- you may even be thinking of someone right now! -- the person who finds holes in every idea and a reason to keep every project from...

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Emotional Intelligence in “The Office” (both the sitcom and your work life)

emotional intelligence Dec 09, 2021

There’s a reason the show “The Office” continues to be a big hit. 

Because the characters on the show reflected people we recognize in everyday work life.

But unlike the show, you can’t simply shut off the antics that happen at your place of work (especially now in COVID..hello, 12-hour zoom days!). You need to learn to navigate the waters of office life if you want to achieve your goals as a manager.

This means you need to up your Emotional Intelligence game.


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