Setting Great Expectations

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2018

The most common misstep I see with people leaders is that they don't set expectations with their teams. There may be a tendency to just dive into the work at hand, but part of being an exceptional manager is taking the time to set clear and manageable expectations for your employees. Giving yourself time for top-down planning can help shape both the formal and informal practices. This planning will allow you to help your employees set clear performance standards; carve out specific objectives that align their career goals with the organization’s goals, and create space for regular meetings to keep everyone on the same page.

Clear Performance Standards

Did you know that many employees are completely in the dark when it comes to their organization’s long-term and short-term goals? One survey stated that “roughly one-third of CFOs felt their company’s employees were basically unaware of their firm’s strategic objectives.” How can success ever be achieved if employees don’t even know what they are working toward? Transparency is at the heart of successful relationships.

Career and Company Goals

Before you can plan the next set of goals for your team, you must first identify the strengths and weaknesses of each member. Additionally, you need to understand what motivates each employee and brainstorm ways that those career goals can contribute to your organization’s success.


Annual reviews just won’t cut it. In order to move business objective forward and encourage employee success, monthly check-ins are imperative. “Having regular conversations without the formality of an annual review contributes to an atmosphere of confidence.”

It's not too late to set expectations with your team, and a simple way to start is asking where they would like more clarity. As a manager, the success of your team depends on you. Be the leader your team needs to succeed.

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