Work/Life Balance: What time is it when you are you reading this article?

balance productivity Oct 04, 2019

We’ve been told we can have it all, but is that even possible? Can we excel in a career without sacrificing our personal lives and relationships? I think it is possible to achieve work/life balance, but you have to manage your expectations. There are seasons in your life when you can push forward in your career and other times when you need to focus on your personal life or family demands. Learning how to achieve this elusive balance is a journey. These articles offer a few suggestions on balance as you find your way.

Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century

“Creating a flexible work environment is one of the best ways to satisfy the work-life balance needs of most employees – no matter which generation they belong to. A flexible work environment has been shown to decrease stress, boost levels of job satisfaction and help employees maintain healthier habits. Employers should offer flexible work hours, the ability to work from home and unlimited PTO to create a more flexible work environment that appeals across generations of workers.” The Evolving Definition of Work-Life Balance by Alan Kohll, Forbes

Work-Life Balance for Millennials

According to one study, “Millennials aren't driven by the thought of working hard for the next 40 years and then retiring. Rather, they are driven by the idea of building a life and career that can withstand the continuous reinventions and pivots that their long-term careers in the 21st century will require.” 5 Ways Millennials are Redefining Work-Life Balance by Ryan Jenkins, Inc.

Balance Is Set Top-Down

“Employees who work with a supportive supervisor — someone who offers emotional and practical support, who acts as a positive role model, and who is a creative problem-solver — experience reduced work-life conflict, improved health, and increased fulfillment on the job and at home. This is because supervisors …represent the organization at large in the eyes of their teams. They have the power to encourage (or discourage) employees from using family-friendly policies through their attitudes and behaviors.” Better Work-Life Balance Starts With Managers by Marcello Russo and Gabriele Morandin, Harvard Business Review

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